Enjoy Your Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Your step-dad is The Rock. Your granddad is Michael Caine. How can you not go on an epic family adventure?

The movie opens with an exciting chase scene, you can watch how Sean (Josh Hutcherson) tries to escape the cops. It feels like a stilted way to prove that he’s cool, grown up and a little troubled. It does get the plot moving, though. It seems that he has received an encoded message online from Alexander (Michael Caine) and needs to solve the code to discover the whereabouts of The Mysterious Island.

In an attempt to bond with his son-in-law, Hank (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) helps to solve the puzzle in a dazzling display of unbelievable connections. Obviously, The Treasure Island, The Mysterious Island and Lilliput are all the same place, and fitting together the maps in each book will show you exactly where this place is. Once this has been discovered, plans are made to go and visit the island. On their journey they meet Kailini (Vanessa Hudgens) who piques Sean’s interest, and her father Gabato who is the comic relief for the rest of the full movie.

How mysterious is this place?

Very. The first thing they discover is a tiny elephant, and Sean makes the observation that on a small island big animals reduce in size and tiny animals increase in size. The next animal they meet is an enormous lizard, who does her best to eat them. To be fair, though, they had broken at least one of her eggs, so probably deserve it. We also have giant bees, tiny sharks and a spectacular electric eel. Is the logic hurting your brain yet?

the mysterious island - huge plants

The problem they discover is that the island is sinking. It seems that it is on a fourteen-year cycle of sinking and rising. (This doesn’t seem to be a problem to any of the animals or plants that live on it, though), and so our intrepid explorers must make the dangerous journey to a hidden cave to find the Nautilus and escape.

This isn’t a film that will push the actors, barring working against a lot of green-screen. Michael Caine is underused, and seems fairly uninterested. He does get to ride a giant bumble-bee, though, which is pretty neat. The Rock is on-form in nice guy mode.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is a fun adventure for younger members of the family. Grown-ups can watch it once, but no more than that, or else the lack of logic will induce a nose bleed.

There are assorted deleted scenes and a short gag reel. Entertaining enough to watch for free, but not a great deal here and not particularly special.