Enjoy The Magic Of The House with a Clock in Its Walls

If you are a movie fanatic and want to see Jack Black and Cate Blanchett then you should watch The House with a Clock in Its Walls online free, actually it should be on your list of must-see films.

Lewis, being recently orphaned, wants his childhood to be as normal as possible but after shifting to this new place, it proves to be anything but that. He moves to an old house with his uncle Jonathan (Jack Black). The house has a strange past because a sinister couple, Isaac Izard and his wife Selena Izard, owned it.

The couple with its evil twisted minds builds a powerful clock and hid it inside the walls of the house before dying. The purpose of the clock is to tick eternally in order to bring about a magical alignment so that Isaac could bring the end of the world. Together with uncle Jonathan and Mrs. Zimmerman (the next-door neighbor), Lewis puts a stop to Isaac’s evil intentions.

How A Mistake Changed Everything

When Lewis, like a normal boy looking for validation and acceptance in a new place, tries to impress his classmate Tarby Corrigan and attempts to raise a dead body to life in a cemetery, he ends up releasing Isaac Izard from the dead. That is when all the madness begins.

Isaac, now back from the dead, is prepared to end the world and gets the clock moving while Lewis with his uncle Jonathan and Mrs. Zimmerman’s (Cate Blanchett) help is set to stop Isaac from doing that.

Story And Cast That Is Worth Your Time

The House with a Clock in Its Walls full movie is quite upfront about the emotions and is authentic in depicting the loss and trauma that the characters, including the villain, cope with. The director knew well that the film would not succeed only on scares and magic tricks. The engaging cast is key to keeping the audience hooked. That is where Roth wins another point for casting Jack Black and Cate Blanchett to do the job.

Jack Black playing Jonathan

Black aces his performance with his no rules and friendly charm. His role keeps the character in the realm of rationality and perceivable human behavior. Kate, on the other hand, does complete justice to her role as the eccentric next-door neighbor, struggling to fight her own anguish and the feelings of loss. Vaccaro plays the perfect orphan with authentic sorrow that makes you feel sorry for the character.

Expertly directed, the movie features scares and entertainment, It is a delightful classic and claims not to copy any of the old classics. It seems larger than it actually is. Although shot at a single set, the expansive mansion, to watch The House with a Clock in Its Walls online feels like seeing a clean version of the Crimson Peak. The production designs are glorious and the story has the feel of a Harry Potter film.

Is It Really Kid-Friendly?

There is some level of ridiculing that the main character is subjected to by his classmates because of the way he dresses up. The bullying gets physical at one stage. If your kids get scared at the sight of blood, there is some blood shown when the boy pricks his finger while casting a spell and some more when the hand wounds are displayed in spell casting.

Cate Blanchett and Owen Vaccaro

Some of the scenes might be too intense for very small children. Few of them could have been avoided to make it into a kid-friendly movie.

Other scary scenes for the younger audience include a hand, covered with maggots, coming out of the coffin. Other such parts include a witch disguised as the main character of a mother asking the boy to defy his uncle’s orders. The intense black magic and witchcraft will make your little ones question you about the dark art and sorcery.

The movie does have some really fun scenes but it seems fit for children above the age of 13. If your kids are generally sensitive and scared of horror movies, this one may be postponed until they are at least above 10 because of a few violent scenes.

Regardless of a few dragging moments you can watch The House with a Clock in Its Walls, it will keep your little one hooked.