Can You Watch A Simple Favor Online And What To Expect

What if your best friend disappears? Will you have the courage to find her? A Simple Favor full movie offers you a story that revolves around secrets and surprising revelations. I was thrilled to watch A Simple Favor online free at Lawless Films and see how the film uncovers until the truth is revealed. Here, you not only find suspense but twists that will keep you entertained.

Emily’s disappearance from her small town is the start of suspenseful events. Director Paul Feig captures the audience’s attention with twists and this gives you a good reason to stay in your seat until the ending scene.

One of these reasons is the truth behind Emily. She might have a perfect and happy life but there are still dark secrets in the air. I enjoyed the dialogue and the fact it isn’t too serious due to the fun it provides.

Characters and Flashbacks

People who watch A Simple Favor free online wouldn’t be disappointed, Anna Kendrick as Stephanie plays a mommy blogger who’s determined to find her friend Emily. Stephanie has the determination to find her friend but she also discovers more about herself along the way. She shows a powerful persona but makes it clear that she cares for Emily.

Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively and Ian Ho

Kendrick’s portrayal is superb as she acts in pace with the situation but she shows amazement at times. Her connection to Emily seems genuine but the revelations make it look different. Emily on her part has a few moves on being nice to a total drunk. She might have a great life but that’s only a small piece of her true nature.

The revelations lead to more complicated twists that are essential in the story. Feig knows how to amuse the audience by giving it a flick that’s filled with twists. You can see flashbacks that are important in unveiling the truth and learning more about the characters.

Violence, Nudity, Murders

The director managed to blend humor with violence, nudity and murder in the best possible way. It’s a great fun when Stephanie uncovers the truth about Emily. When it comes to the nudity, you can expect a little bit of skin. But Paul carries this well and doesn’t make the film inappropriate.

What To Expect?

A Simple Favor offers a visual treat you can’t forget. The storyline is superb and gives you a clear understanding of how each twist happens. The lead stars including Golding offer a superb performance that makes the movie worth a watch. You would discover more truths as you go deeper with this flick.

The thrill and suspense never end, there’s enough fun in the thriller so you can watch A Simple Favor online and be sure you wouldn’t get too overwhelmed.

If you’re not a fan of the thriller genre, this movie might change your mind. Yes, the mystery is great, and you would like it for sure.


A Simple Favor is a must watch for all movie buffs online. Give it a shot and you will discover many surprises. There are violence, secret revelation and much more. It deserves two thumbs up! You would enjoy it for sure!